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capcom mugen characters in game description

  • Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes for CPS2

    Marvel vs. capcom: Clash of Super Heroes is the fifth Marvel Comics-licensed fighting game by capcom and the third to feature capcomcharacters (see Marvel vs. ...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | CPS2
    Size: 28.60MB Updated: 04/19/11

  • 373,845

    Total downloads

  • Resident Evil 2

    is a survival horror game by capcom. Like the previous game in the series, Re...Resident Evil 2 is a 3D action-adventure using three-dimensional polygon characters...

    License: Demo Genre: Shooting Games | Third Person
    Size: 59.98MB Updated: 07/12/10

  • 292,539

    Total downloads

  • Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter for CPS2

    Street Fighter is the fourth Marvel Comics-licensed fighting game produced by capcom...Street Fighter which replaces most of the X-Men characters with characters from ...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | CPS2
    Size: 28.06MB Updated: 07/14/10

  • 184,993

    Total downloads

  • Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic Warriors for GBA

    but the other modes let you put together a team of up to three different characters...The team aspect works much like it does in capcom's tag-fighting games.

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | GBA
    Size: 9.39MB Updated: 04/21/11

  • 156,261

    Total downloads

  • Mortal Kombat for SNES 1.0

    The game was a response by Midway to capcom's successful Street Fighter II, whic...characters do not block while retreating or crouching, but only block when the b...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | SNES
    Size: 2.37MB Updated: 07/27/09

  • 86,681

    Total downloads

  • Captain Commando for CPS1

    capcom for the arcades. The game features a reimagined version of Captain Comman...and features several loose ties with the characters and settings from that game.

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | CPS1
    Size: 4.08MB Updated: 07/30/09

  • 62,052

    Total downloads

  • Alien vs. Predator for CPS2

    Predator is an arcade game released in 1994 by capcom on the CPS-2. It is a "bea...characters in a battle against Aliens. The default cabinet for the game allows a...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | CPS2
    Size: 13.68MB Updated: 07/31/09

  • 60,288

    Total downloads

  • Rockman X for NES

    characters. After the player selects a Maverick to battle, X is teleported in...This mechanic is carried over from the Mega Man Classic series; capcom maintaine...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | NES
    Size: 1.64MB Updated: 05/05/11

  • 55,496

    Total downloads

  • X-Men: Children of the Atom for CPS2

    X-Men follows the same fighting game controls and conventions capcom previously ...characters) and proceed to compete in a series of best-two-out-of-three one-on-o...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | CPS2
    Size: 29.19MB Updated: 07/31/09

  • 47,597

    Total downloads

  • Warriors of Fate for CPS1

    Using two buttons, Attack and Jump, the characters all have standard moves typical of capcom side-scrollers of the day. Common enemies including Wei soldiers su...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | CPS1
    Size: 12.21MB Updated: 07/30/09

  • 41,695

    Total downloads

  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 for CPS2

    is a 1996 fighting game originally released for the CPS II arcade hardware by capcom...The only characters that can still perform Chain Combos in the game are Guy and ...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | CPS2
    Size: 21.12MB Updated: 07/31/09

  • 38,154

    Total downloads

  • X-Men - Mutant Apocalypse for SNES

    X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse is a 1994 Super Nintendo action game by capcom in which...In this case, the missions are shared by all characters (not specific) and the p...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | SNES
    Size: 2.03MB Updated: 11/22/12

  • 32,245

    Total downloads

  • Rival Schools for Zinc

    The main fighting game is best described as a polygonal Marvel vs. capcom game, ...A player chooses a team of two characters, and fights against another two charac...

    License: Freeware Genre: Emulator | Zinc
    Size: 27.90MB Updated: 06/08/11

  • 26,662

    Total downloads

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